Apr 7, 2016

Digital Marketing CCO: How Quantum Computing Will Change Work As We Know It

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Imagine robotics and other AI on QC; because it is coming and on a very large scale.

The computer chip has now reached middle age. Like most of us in middle age, it is not as sprightly as it once was, and is set to be superseded by younger forms of computing. Enter the quantum computer. It’s set to transform our lives, the way we work and play.

What exactly is quantum computing?

In a nutshell, conventional microprocessors are limited to binaries of ones and zeros, which limits their processing capability. But quantum computers hinge on the principles of quantum physics, which allows for something called ‘superimposition.’ This means an electron can exist as a zero and one at the same time, as opposed to either one or zero. This allows for levels of processing power that are millions of times greater than we currently have.

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