Apr 6, 2016

Mining Dams Grow to Colossal Heights, and So Do the Risks

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We have China in 2017 wanting to mine the dark side of the moon hoping to find Gold. We have others wanting to mine Mars. With the mining lessons over the centuries and the damage it has created over time; is anyone else concern how mining the moon could impact our planet and space itself?

Engineers say Brazilian disaster shows world-wide danger from Hoover Dam-size earthen structures holding ‘tailings’ waste
Paul Kiernan.

MARIANA, Brazil—Half an hour’s drive from this colonial town in southeast Brazil, trees suddenly give way to what looks like a desert salt flat. It is a 2-mile-wide valley filled with mine waste.

On Nov. 5, an earthen dam holding back this sea of sludge collapsed, releasing a deluge that killed 19 people, destroyed villages and traveled more than 400 miles to the Atlantic Ocean, where it left a reddish-brown plume visible from space. As tall as a 30-story building and holding enough refuse to fill 19 Dallas Cowboys stadiums, the dam was the largest structure of its kind ever to give way.

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