May 13, 2016

Crowdfunding the Cure for Aging | Life Extension Research, LifespanIO, and You

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Check out LEAF President Keith Comito explain the origin of Lifespan.io and why crowdfunding research to extend healthy lifespan is both important and exciting.

Our current campaign is here: https://www.lifespan.io/campaigns/the-major-mouse-testing-program/ and there will be more to follow soon! Connect with us on social media and subcribe on YouTube to stay informed. #CrowdfundTheCure #LifespanIO

LEAF President Keith Comito explains the origin of Lifespan.io — a crowdfunding platform specifically for biomedical research aimed at extending healthy human lifespan. Learn more, and help us Crowdfund the Cure for Aging: https://www.lifespan.io

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