May 7, 2016

Pre-programming Artificial Intelligence is a Risky Business

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Glad to see more folks understanding what I had shared 6 months ago about AI and having entire teams of comprised of the standard SV male. It doesn’t work for AI and will be a barrier in it’s adoption. AI (more than any technology to date) requires a multi-cultural diverse team that reflects the consumers that they are trying to cater to.

Until this one dimensional male dominated engeering teams become more diverse to align with the buying public along with improving the weak under lying connected infrastructure including the net are corrected; AI will not see it’s full potential in the market.

I will ask again, how does a 28 or 33 year male understand how a 48 or 51 year old woman who has been a famers wife feels and her needs; or how does a 28 year old male understands what a 38 or 40 year old female living in the Hamptons needs are for her home, or boutique spa shop geared to other women?.

Filling a unit’s head with rudimentary responses to pre-programmed stimuli will cause it to perform the desired action 100% of the time. Empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), these units can be counted on to perform routine duties in the manner prescribed by their presumptive master, circumventing the need for human thought in the process.

The consequences of their actions are irrelevant to these mechanical marvels who have been programmed to eliminate foreign bodies, restrict the actions of those capable of reproduction, build massive armies and torture captured adversaries. There is no way of debating with these locked-in units. The only way to overcome them is with a higher level of thought and action.

The time to end the threat of Artificial Intelligence is upon us. Let your voice be heard in November. Pull the plug on AI.

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