May 4, 2016

WW3 Scenario: Pentagon No Match Against Russia & China’s Supersonic Warheads

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The United States is preparing for war against two of the threats it has named constantly: Russia and China. However, the West may have to think twice before truly waging a war against the two countries as new reports say the military gap between the US and the two countries are closing in. Are Russia and China now at par with the United States?

American military analysts are claiming that military advancements in Russia and China now pose serious threats to the United States. Furthermore, the analysts said that it is no longer safe for America to continue pursuing its presence in the South China Sea, especially near where China has deployed considerable military assets. Russia previously also said that the United States is not safe in the Baltic Sea especially given the recent military encounters.

“Since the end of the Cold War, the US military has never really had to fight an enemy that had its own arsenal of precision-guided weapons,” said Mark Gunzinger, senior fellow at the US Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments as reported by The Hill.

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