Jun 8, 2016

Physicists hint at a mysterious new ‘particle X’ messing with our Universe

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For months, physicists have been quietly freaking out over tantalising evidence of a brand new particle lying outside the standard model of physics. First seen as a ’blip’ in Large Hadron Collider data, the hunt is now on to confirm its existence, which experts say would be “bigger than the [discovery of the] Higgs boson”.

And physicists have just made the case that another new particle could be waiting to be discovered, by showing that the existence of a mysterious new particle, which they’re calling ‘particle X’, could explain a significant conundrum in physics: where the heck all the missing lithium in the Universe went to.

If you haven’t heard about the case of the missing cosmic lithium, don’t worry, we weren’t across it either. But it turns out that scientists have calculated all the lithium that should have formed in the early Universe, and it’s about three times more lithium than we observe today.

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