Jun 11, 2016

The artificial intelligence revolution in legal services

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Years ago I was expert witness for an IP case involving some very badly designed and coded software. Case was a significant mount of money, and I had to review tons of documents, code, and diagrams to help prepare the case and give my deposition. It would have been nice to have a bot to assist. So, I do like what I am reading in this article.

Rebecca Hawkes, head of marketing at RAVN Systems, discusses why artificial intelligence is showing promise in the legal sector.

There’s been a considerable amount of media hype around artificial intelligence recently, but this isn’t just the latest buzzword.

It has now become a practical reality, with the legal industry paving the way in innovation. By 2024 the market for Enterprise artificial Intelligence systems will increase from $202.5m million in 2015 to $11.1 billion (according to a report from Tractica).

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