Aug 24, 2016

IGEM RESEARCH ARTICLE: Development and Characterization of Fluorescent and Luminescent Biosensors for Estrogenic Activity

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A nice write up on the research development and characterization of Fluorescent and Luminescent Biosensors especially in the area of field testing of waterways & sources. Key challenge for most field engineers and scientists has been having no portable and reliable systems to test water for compounds with endocrine which impacts activities such as fish feminization out in the field. This type of testing has required more in depth analysis usually in a lab. With this research and development that can all change saving on time and expense.

This work has been submitted for open review as an iGEM Research Article

Reviewers, please consider the following questions when reviewing the article:

Research articles should meet the publication criteria for PLOS ONE (http://journals.plos.org/plosone/s/criteria-for-publication).

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