Aug 19, 2016

Progress made in development of quantum memory

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Since QUESS has been online, China has been able to deliver the 1st set of programmable code, transmit communications back-and-forth from the satellite, and now they have been able to expand the memory capacity up to 100 Qubits. These are pretty big steps since the satellite has been in orbit on Tuesday.

BTW — the 1st 2 events are directly a result of QUESS; the 3rd advancement isn’t the result of QUESS and resulted after QUESS’ launch.

Although Chinese scientists said there is still a long way to go before any ultrapowerful machine can be developed, progress has been made in terms of quantum memory technology, which is a key component to quantum computing and quantum communication.

On Tuesday, China launched the world’s first quantum experimental satellite in an attempt to build a space-based quantum communication network.

Zhou Zongquan, a scientist in the field, told China Daily that following the breakthrough in 2011 when scientists at the University of Science and Technology of China developed the world’s first quantum memory of 1 quantum bit, or qubit, they have now developed a memory of 100 qubits.

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