Aug 31, 2016

The Human Existential Crises We Can All Overcome

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Latest article on my pursuit in the quest to preserve human existence.

It’s 2AM. Sleep eludes my dreary mind… Its tiredness a burden weighing down upon my eyelids, yet it’s very relinquishing aspect of giving oneself up to the night feels like a waste of time. In this race that is so close to the finish line, it has felt easy to procrastinate, and focus in areas that don’t truly matter. Maybe it’s my soul trying to find some form of semblance in the continuity of this multi-year struggle — to succeed and better the world — that it has decided to distract itself. But tonight, I am awake. I slept not the night before, and a mere 3 hours asleep prefaces this incitement, to write this history of my challenges and happenings in the making of my company — one that I believe could one day truly be part of the saving grace of mankind.

I do not consider myself a prophet, nor do I think that anyone is less capable of achieving their dreams than I am, but I do believe that I am fortunate enough to be at the right time, at the right place, with the right people surrounding me and the luck bred from adversity and consistent lessons born from failure to make YawLife a reality. It is no longer a matter of how or if it will come into being. For, it is a living incarnation of light in and of itself, from the minds of many, sparked by the thoughts of dreams-met-real. It is simply the ticking of time, the clock in-itself a personal doomsday to all of us. Now, I do not mean some religious event, and while I won’t rule out a cosmic one, I see mankind on a path to annihilation if we do not redeem ourselves and change our ways.

Through peace and prosperity the world over, fuelled by advances in technology and its impact upon the present and future, we have 2 sides of the same coin that contain both affinity and destruction. We as a species must choose not to falter and mistake the latter as some form of solution, when the former holds within it a brightness too light to dim. My mission in life is to realize that while our species has a clock counting down, that we can stop the clock before it’s too late. However, in doing so, the other clock which dictates our personal livelihoods (our continued existence) will never cease to fail until science finds an answer to the problem of death… But, even if we don’t find a solution in our lifetime, I would rather spend it doing all that I can to change this world and morph it such that we can continue our journey as human beings, both into the earth, and beyond it to the farthest of stars.

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