Aug 8, 2016

Will Warp Drive Finally Become A Reality?

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Not so long ago we had to assume that we’ll never be able to travel faster than light. This was based on scientists’ sensible belief that we can travel through space but cannot change the nature of space itself. Then the idea of ‘Warp Drive’ came along to challenge and seemingly change all of the barriers that Einstein’s theory identified. Warp Drive is all about squashing and stretching space — a pretty ambitious task to begin with. So maybe it’s time again to have a look at how far we’ve already come or how close we are to seeing a real warp drive built by humans.

In May 1994, theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre finally presented his proposal of “The Warp Drive: Hyper-fast travel within general relativity” in a scientific journal called Classical and Quantum Gravity.

He indeed was inspired by Star Trek and its creator Gene Roddenberry, who famously coined the expression “Warp Drive” to explain the inexplicable propulsion of the Starship Enterprise as prodigious speed was just necessary to enable his fictional space travelers to leap from star to star on their trek.

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  1. entrance says:

    It would be really great, if scientists could invent such warp drive. But i think, it will still take some centuries, till we can travel with light speed. There are also some other problems to solve: artificial
    gravity and protection against interstellar dust and radiation.

    But first we have to care about an other problem: overpopulation. By 2050 we won´t have enough food worldwide. So we really have to find a way to reduce population. Else we risk conflicts and wars all over the world. And remember what Einstein said: “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”. We certainly won´t be able to fly to other planets with sticks and stones.

    I am ready to help.