Aug 1, 2016

Your Dinner Is Ready To Be 3D Printed

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Could we see a day when 3D Printers replace convection ovens and microwaves in the kitchen?

Over the last few decades, a new wave of science has been infused into the world of food in the form of molecular gastronomy. By definition, food preparation and cooking involve physical and chemical changes, and molecular gastronomy simply uses scientific principles to take food in new technical and even artistic directions.

It’s also a great excuse to have some fun with liquid nitrogen.

Back in 2013, another big step in food science came with a successful crowdfunding campaign to make a true functional food replacement containing all the necessary nutrients to sustain life. With a clever name that provoked everyone to read the ingredient list twice for anything resembling people, Soylent tastes like pancake batter but doesn’t make good pancakes.

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