Sep 8, 2016

Elon Musk is Looking to Kickstart Transhuman Evolution With “Brain Hacking” Tech

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Elon Musk has recently hinted that he may be working on a “neural lace,” a mesh of electronics that will allow AI and the brain to work together. This could help human brains keep up with future enhancements in AI.

There’s no doubt that Elon Musk is one busy individual. When not playing on the Tesla factory floor, he may be bringing electric roofs to electric vehicles, or dreaming up the Hyperloop, or toying with the future of AI.

If not any of those, he is apparently busy protecting us from being treated like house pets after the Singularity. To that end, the billionaire polymath has revealed he may be working on something called a “neural lace.”

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  1. Geoff S Jones says:

    If this lace is an implant it may take a lot longer to get people to accept the tech. An Ear-bud, contact lens, or Google glass type device will be accepted immediately. Amazons “Echo” is non-invasive biologically. But is it always listening? I have no illusion of any privacy. I (conspiracy warning) believe that lights use 60HZ power to capture sound and image from anywhere they are present. LED’s, and CFL’s strobe at twice the frame rate(30 fps) needed for high quality video… Do it in plain sight, stay off the radar by being un-interesting (person of un interest). The futures so bright I gotta wear shades…