Dec 14, 2016

Can Cellular Senescence be Reversed in the Near Future, and is Reversal Desirable?

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Senescent cell removal holds great potential but are all research approaches equal?

Some scientific commentary on senescent cell clearing (Senolytics) and the different approaches the research community is engaged in.

“Researchers are taking two broad approaches to cellular senescence at the present time. The first is to build therapies that can selectively destroy senescent cells, following the SENS rejuvenation model of periodic removal of damage. If the number of senescent cells is managed so as to keep that count low, then they will not cause further harm. This has the advantage of being straightforward and requiring little further research to put into practice. A range of demonstrated treatments and potential treatments already exist — gene therapies, immunotherapies, senolytic drugs, and so forth — and companies such as Oisin Biotechnologies and UNITY Biotechnology are bringing some of these technologies to the clinic.”

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