Dec 3, 2016

Computers with DNA? Brock team working to help make it happen

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I know this is 2 days old; however, glad I came across it. As Gene Circuitry & Living systems in general are truly advancing more quickly in the recent year than I have seen over the past decade.

The real question is with AI, 3D/ 4D synbio printing, Gene/ Cell Circuitry; which areas of medicine will continue to existing in the next 15 years?

A Brock University research team has created a tool that can potentially be used in a future computer that will be made out of DNA.

Chemist Feng Li and graduate student Xiaolong Yang, formal postdoctoral fellow Yanan Tang and undergraduate student Sarah Traynor have devised a strategy that “helps simplify the design of DNA circuits that may eventually be used in a DNA computer,” says Li.

The team’s research was recently featured in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

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