Jan 31, 2017

Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter

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Spinning magnets near copper sheets create levitation!
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Special thanks to Hyperloop One for showing me around.

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Filmed by raquel nuno, edited by trevor carlee.

Obviously this “quadcopter” is a demonstration device, showing how moving magnets over a conducting surface can generate levitation. It has not been optimized to minimize losses or be an efficient mode of transport. I still think it’s pretty cool. I’m used to seeing light things levitated by induced currents but not a 100+ lb machine.

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  1. This is outstanding! Can the heat of the passing trains be captured and turned partly back into electricity+hot (desalinated) water? Seems a multi-system approach might work wonders here. A really free system would be optimal(most productive), but that might be difficult with radical Islamists and Luddite “Unabomber” types running around. …Far faster/better than putting things on a greyhound.

  2. Why close comments on timeless subjects? Do you really think it likely that those with the most/best to say will find the piece prior to closing comments? This also disallows links to the future. Far from the “out of control”(kevin kelly) or even original “hypertext” ideal.