Jan 12, 2017

Next-Gen Computing Game Changers: Quantum Computers And Beyond

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Although this was published last week; I got a request to share again for those who missed it.

While “product-market fit” may have become the mantra for many tech companies and investors, we believe there are still plenty of companies out there with their eyes set on building true game-changing technologies. In our Game Changers report, we identified 8 categories of innovation that could have the greatest impact on how we live. Among these is next-gen computing — specifically, quantum computers and DNA data-writing technologies, which have the potential to fast-track innovation across industries.

Quantum computers can solve real-world problems much faster than traditional computers — and their capacity is only increasing. Meanwhile, using synthetic DNA to store vastly more data than a typical chip has the potential to revolutionize computers’ memory capacity.

In our report, we identified 5 startups taking computing to the next level through quantum computing and DNA-based data writing. The top five next-gen computing game changers are Twist Bioscience, Rigetti Computing, Cambridge Quantum Computing, KnuEdge, and Optalysys. On the vanguard of computing research, many companies in the category are at the grant, seed, or Series A stage, with the notable exception of the later-stage DNA computer tech company Twist Bioscience.

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