Feb 18, 2017

1816 James Madison

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Since one of the topic areas that Lifeboat promotes history and cultures. I wanted to share this particular US History fact. Many believe that Andrew Jackson was the central figure in the US genocide and removal of the Native Americans. Well, he wasn’t.

Meet the father of the Native American Genocide and Removal, James Madison. In Madison’s ignaurgeral address Madison made it a point to make Indian removal happen via a volunteer removal which established a course of destruction of the native americans. Madison and his advisors were the real founders and architects of the native American removal. And, Madison’s successor James Buchanan expanded upon it to architect plans to wipe out the Cherokee and many tribes of the west which was further executed in 1823 by Andrew Jackson who was often known in NA history as the “White Devil.”

So, to truly go to the 1st US President responsible for the 1823 NA removal and genocide means looking at least 2 US presidents prior to Jackson.

The president must “from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the Union”

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