Feb 26, 2017

MIT spinout Sistine Solar can print any image on photovoltaic cells

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MIT researchers have done even better. MIT has spunout a company called Sistine Solar that has developed a technology to print any kind of image on a skin that can be applied on solar panels, which change the appearance of the photovoltaic cells from all angles, without compromising on their capacity to generate electricity. Founded by the Sloan School of Management at MIT, Sistine Solar hopes to increase the adoption of clean energy with solar panels that mimic the surroundings or environment.

Image: Sistine Solar

Co-founder of Sistine Solar, Senthil Balasubramanian says, “If you look at the landscape today, less than 1 percent of US households have gone solar, so it €™s nowhere near mass adoption. We think SolarSkin is going to catch on like wildfire. There is a tremendous desire by homeowners to cut utility bills, and solar is finding reception with them €” and homeowners care a lot about aesthetics.”

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