Feb 14, 2017

MIT Team’s Low-Power Chip Could Revolutionize Speech Recognition in Electronics

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Personally; I see this not being needed in less than 10 years.

Automatic speech recognition is on the verge of becoming the chief way of interacting with primary computing devices. A decade ago, the concept of automatic speech recognition was laughed at.

Anticipating this rise in voice-controlled electronics, a team of researchers from MIT have developed a low-power chip designed for automatic speech recognition. A cell phone running speech-recognition software might need roughly 1 watt of power, but the new chip requires between 0.2 and 10 milliwatts only, based on the number of words it has to recognize.

In a real-world application, that potentially means a power savings of 90 to 99%, which could make voice control feasible for moderately simple electronic devices. That includes power-constrained gadgets that have to go months between battery charges or extract energy from their environments.

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