Feb 1, 2017

Proof That the Clothing of the Future Will Likely Come From a Printer

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In Brief 3D printing is making waves in the fashion industry. At the recent New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017, threeASFOUR paraded ‘Oscillation,’ a dazzling 3D printed dress that could very well be the clothing of tomorrow.

Avant-garde fashion collective, threeASFOUR, flaunted their new 3D printed dress at the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017.

The eye-catching plastic dress, named Oscillation, is the highlight of threeASFOUR’s Quantum Vibrations collection. “We got very interested in the geometric shapes which lie beneath vibration,” says designer Gabi Asfour. “We spent a long time researching them and discovered that there are very specific formations that happen under certain frequencies. These formations reminded us of prints and other designs, a bit like tribal tattoos.”

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  1. Karen Hurst says:

    I just bought a beautiful jacket this year that was printed and love it.