Mar 6, 2017

IBM to build quantum computers, selling machines millions of times faster than anything made before

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IBM has taken its first step towards selling computers that are millions of times faster than the one you’re reading this on.

The company has set up a new division, IBM Q, that is intended to make quantum computers and sell them commercially.

Until now, quantum computers have mostly been a much hyped but long away dream. But IBM believes they are close enough to reality to start work on getting software ready for when they become commercially available.

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  1. Bennie Beaver says:

    We can only hope this is not just more hype! In any case, the world needs Internet and computers not able to be hacked, if finally this becomes the result.

    Of course, what will be the reaction of governments (NSA) to an Internet that can’t be hacked…another step in evolution to a singularity?