Mar 5, 2017

Video of Jeff Bezos describes his space plans

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Blue Origin’s New Shepard Team is the winner of Aviation Week’s 60th Annual Space Laureate. New Shepard is only the first step in fulfilling Blue Origin owner Jeff Bezos’ vision of using ever larger reusable rockets to send an entire economy into Earth orbit and beyond. Following the Laureate Award presentations held at Washington’s National Building Museum on March 2, Bezos talked to Aviation Week and Space Technology Editor-in-Chief Joe Anselmo and the audience at the awards dinner about the importance of expanding into the solar system.

* we need to expand into the solar system. The choice is between stasis on earth or expansion and dynamism in space.

* Cost of space is too high so that thousands of companies can get into space and do interesting things, this will unleash creativity and experimentation that we see on the internet.

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