Apr 10, 2017

New drug aimed at slowing aging heads to the clinic

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Everolimus heading for human clinical trials later this year to treat immune system decline.

The biotechnology company PureTech are moving towards human clinical trials with a new therapy that may slow down the aging process and combat age-related disease. The company has licensed two new drug candidates, derivatives of the drug Rapamycin, from pharmaceutical giant Novartis.

PureTech have recently announced a joint venture with Novartis called resTORbio and are moving to clinical trials of the new drugs later this year. The aim of the first test phase is to see if the new drug can rejuvenate the immune system of aged people a key reason why we lose the ability to resist diseases as we grow older.

Novartis already successfully completed two Phase IIa studies exploring the immune-enhancing potential of mTORC1 inhibitors in elderly patients. resTORbio plans to build on those findings and start a Phase IIb study with the two licensed candidates later this year. Excitingly the firm has also said that it plans to extend the program to other age-related disorders in the future.

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  1. Bennie Beaver says:

    Of course, we’ll be able to extend life forever, or until we get run over by a self-driven car, bomb dropped by a drone, rock from space, or bomb/machete wielded by a deviant minded terrorist.…etc.

    We’ll still need future like AI intelligence to protect us from accidents, and need to change human nature so some deviant mind doesn’t walk into a city and destroy it, along with us immortals.

    It’s admirably time for an effort like PureTech & Novartis. I wish them all the success…especially, considering I’m in my 70’s, albeit still relatively healthy.

  2. Dennis Fink says:

    Well said Bernnie! Totally concur (also in my 70’s and relatively healthy!