Apr 15, 2017

Ray Kurzweil interviews the Father of Nanotechnology Eric Drexler

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Unimaginable Radical Abundance:

Yesterday I took the time to read chapter 11 of Eric Drexler’s book Radical Abundance as to get a glimpse of what might be possible with Atomically Precise Manufacturing (APM). I highly recommend the book.

The potential of APM is truly unimaginable.

Try to imagine billion core processors, memory storage in the billions of gigabytes per cm2. Solar panels far exceeding todays best laboratory efficiencies. Batteries that are a billion times more energy dense. All this with a negligible impact on the environment.

APM can produce these products and many more at costs of roughly 20¢ per kilogram!

Just let that sink in. Just to illustrate this $1 would buy you more memory storage than is currently available throughout the entire world (roughly 10 Zettabytes).

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