Jun 26, 2017

Help Us Crowdfund the Cure for Aging — Be a Lifespan Hero: Join Us!

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Introducing Lifespan Heroes our new campaign.

Here at Lifespan.io we are funding research to help extend healthy human lifespan, supporting nonprofits and companies working to overcome age-related diseases. By becoming a “Lifespan Hero” you can join us in this humanitarian and necessary effort — http://www.lifespan.io/heroes — and help us end age-related diseases for good.

In this video Lifespan.io / LEAF President Keith Comito explains the work Lifespan.io has done thus far in funding research, educating the public, and building a grass roots movement in support of healthy human lifespan, as well as the work that can be done in the future with the support of heroes willing to stand up and fight against the diseases of aging, like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer, by addressing their shared root causes.

Together we can do this; please join us.

This video is presented by LEAF. Please support our work to overcome the diseases of aging: http://lifespan.io/hero

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