Jun 30, 2017

We Will Rock You

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Today is World Asteroid Day… https://bcgallie.wixsite.com/asteroidday

Asteroid Day is a global awareness movement to protect Earth against asteroid impacts. The original inspiration for this campaign came from Grigorij Richters’ asteroid impact disaster film 51 Degrees North — all profits from which he has now dedicated to the cause of Asteroid Day world-wide. Dr. Brian May is a key supporter and delivered a slight update of the original mix, specifically for the Asteroid Day launch. Learn more about Asteroid Day, here: http://www.asteroidday.org

Website: http://www.asteroidday.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/asteroidday
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/asteroidday

Join the conversation on Twitter. Use #Asteroidday

If we can find Asteroids early, we can change this ending. We have the technology — so now we just need to put it into action. We need to find them before they find us. Now is your turn to make a difference and help people around the world make knowledgeable decisions and further asteroid science and discovery. Join us in signing the 100X Declaration to show your support. This is the only natural disaster we know how to prevent!

Sign the 100x Declaration here: http://www.asteroidday.org

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