Jul 4, 2017

Journal Club June 2017 Video Available

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The June Journal Club video is now available for your viewing pleasure. Dr. Oliver Medvedik talks about telomeres and cellular reprogramming in this latest edition of our new live streamed monthly show.

It has been a busy few months since we launched our Lifespan Heroes campaign on Lifespan.io the aim of which is to help us expand the scale and scope of our activities.

June 27th saw our second monthly Journal Club, this is a regular live broadcast to our Facebook page where we discuss the latest scientific research papers hosted by Dr. Oliver Medvedik at the Cooper Union biotechnology lab.

The topic for the June Journal Club was the following paper :Marión, R. M., de Silanes, I. L., Mosteiro, L., Gamache, B., Abad, M., Guerra, C., … & Blasco, M. A. (2017). Common telomere changes during in vivo reprogramming and early stages of tumorigenesis. Stem cell reports, 8, 460–475.

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