Aug 21, 2017

With Immortality On The Horizon, Will Humanity Be Able To Survive The Technological Transition?

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Mimetic Evolution or the collective will of humanity to imitate the most successful achievements of nature with technology, has finally set in. At this dawn of artificial intelligence humanity is trying to not only find its place again, but to do the inevitable, the inescapable – merging with the technology we created. We have to be the artificial intelligence by incorporating the transcendent aspects of an artificiality that otherwise could easily become a mastermind, both in control of us and out of control.

Yes, it will begin slowly with AI helping us to achieve dreams of humanity, ways for us to live longer and healthier. Just ask what the many biotech companies focus on and the answer unanimously will be putting an end to aging.

The idea of eternal youth and immortality is a blessing, albeit a mixed one. We learned that progress never stops and it isn’t plausible to think that we now revert back and suddenly stop working on machine learning and connected devices as well as connected thinking.

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