Jan 4, 2018

David Sinclair on Sirtuins

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Revisiting the most popular life extension science videos of 2017. Here is the video: “Genes Rule Over Our Aging Bodies — Dr. David Sinclair on Sirtuins”

Summary: (Video) Dr. David Sinclair is the leading expert on sirtuins, the repairmen of our bodies. Watch Dr. David Sinclair explain how sirtuin genes control cellular repair and how drugs and supplements that affect the sirtuins can slow the aging process. [Author: Brady Hartman. This article first appeared on LongevityFacts.com. Follow us on Reddit | Google+ | Facebook. ] Scroll down for video


Sirtuins are a family of genes, enzymes, and proteins, which affect multiple pathways that increase the lifespan and the overall health of organisms. Since enzymes are proteins and genes code for proteins, sirtuins are interchangeably referred to as enzymes, genes, and proteins.

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