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Apr 24, 2018

Aging Looks Are Not Just a Matter of Aesthetics

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Some time ago, we discussed the matter of beauty in the context of life extension; in particular, we tried to dispel the belief that the motivation behind life extension might be simply vanity. The article argued that there is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve youthful looks and attempted to explain the evolutionary reasons for our perception of beauty, but it did not discuss a perhaps even more important fact: aesthetics are not the main problem of elderly looks. The main problem, as it always is with age-related decay, is a decline in health and functionality.

What do elderly people look like?

If I ask you to imagine an old person, you’re likely to imagine somebody with grey hair, slack, wrinkled skin, and weak and flaccid muscles. While these features may vary from person to person, this is an accurate enough description of anyone past the age of 70, and it generally gets worse and worse as aging progresses. Exercise might help improve your physical condition, and perhaps a good facial cream might make you look slightly younger than your chronological age, but, after a certain point, the signs of age-related decay are unmistakable and irreversible.

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