Apr 30, 2018

Futurist Gray Scott

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We are headed towards a post Singularity simulated future and everything points towards us becoming a simulated species and being able to upload our consciousness quantify our consciousness and put that into a simulation.

And I don’t necessarily think it’s us that may control it.

I think it’s going to be the AI systems, the quantum computers of the future, those systems will create the simulations, they will draw us in, some may do it on purpose and some by accident. Whether that’s a choice that we make or whether a choice the machines make is something we’ll have to find out when we get to the future.

I wrote about the Sim Generation in a book called The Future of Business, and the idea was that this generation that we are seeing right now, they are the simulated generation, so by the time that they reach their early twenties living inside of simulated virtual reality for those kids, it’s not going to be uncommon, it’s not going to be foreign to them.

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