Jun 19, 2018

Sugarcoating aging won’t fight ageism

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Glossing over the fact ageing is a chronic decline in function won’t help with anything, let alone ending ageism.

At times, I think that I have written enough rejuvenation advocacy articles and that every time I write a new one, I’m just repeating myself. I sometimes say to myself that I’ve written about concerns and misconceptions from so many angles that I’ve probably exhausted all the options. However, from time to time, there comes the bittersweet reassurance that I’m not going to be out of a job any time soon.

The culprit

I came across a Refinery29 article titled “‘Anti-Aging’ Is Officially Being Phased Out—& That’s Good News For Women.” The article summarizes, and wholeheartedly agrees with, a report by the Royal Society For Public Health, “That Age Old Question”. The report endeavors to expose ageism and help end discrimination against older people, but while it does make a handful of valid points, it seems to suggest that sweeping the true nature of aging under the rug will help to end ageism.

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