Aug 18, 2018

President Trump directs Defense Department to ‘immediately begin the process’ of establishing ’space force‘ as sixth military branch

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Based on posts I’ve seen from techies, militarizing space is a total fail. However, space is already militarized — Nothing goes into air space without Air Force approval… ANY organization developed to “regulate” Space has the potential for corruption whether that be collaborative, international entities which always panders to herd think, or stale governmental organizations. I’m undecided on this.

The White House, Air Force and Defense Secretary James Mattis had disapproved of creating a sixth branch of the military last year.

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  1. Carrie L Fellows says:

    Is there ever an awareness of intelligence outside of Earth now in charge?
    Decades of technology-radio-electricity
    PLASMA creations sent out into space…
    propagating as it’s own (a type of A.I.)…
    for decades administering cellular programming via Energy Satellites?