Oct 9, 2018

A Secret Algorithm That Could Ruin Your Life

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It is important to know why a program does what it does. This is not a mystery, technology is a tool and that tool is only as good as the human who created it.

You always have to know why a program, makes the decisions that it makes. No program or Algorithm will be perfect, that is the main issue that Lisa Haven brings forward. You also have to make sure of the reason for the error whether it is innocent or intentional or even criminal.

That is the problem when you blindly allow technology to rule the day. Anyone from an old-school management upbringing will tell you, never to allow technology to govern your decisions on its own. You always have to know why, where, and how on your decisions.

It is important to get this kind of technology right. Everyone wants a shortcut, instead of doing the hard work to ensure that information being put forward is correct.

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