Oct 31, 2018

New Theory of Intelligence May Disrupt AI and Neuroscience

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Numenta’s “The Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence”.

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  1. flashgordon says:

    Sounds like Minsky’s “Society of Mind” to me.

    I’m also struck that each neuron grid has a conception of a part of an object; sounds like Jacob Bronowski’s points about perception in his “Science and Human Values.”

    - I’m also excited to see this idea of each neuron grid as holding a concept; I came to realize a few months ago(communicated it to some facebook mathematician friends) how concepts and abstraction can be encoded in a neuron architecture. The connectionist idea is different. The connectionist is just like parallel processing. I’m sure this occurs in the brain, but that doesn’t explain how mathematics works.

    If you understand how concepts are the common form of analogous structures, then you understand how structure is all important. So, how does neurons represent concepts as structures? By the neuron central cell being the relation/verb, and the dendrites being the elements/nouns.

    The thing to note about this conception of how concepts are encoded in this neural architecture is that the concept is represented by the total organism; it’s not just neurons doing data processing in the brain; it’s an analog computer between the neuron and what sensors it is connected to.

    There’s more to say here.