Jan 31, 2019

An amazing panel with Aubrey de Grey, Judy Campisi, and Nir Barzilai

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Hosted by John Lewis of Oisin. Panel title: “A Therapeutic Revolution Against Aging”.

Aubrey de Grey, Judy Campisi, Nir Barzilai in a panel titled “A Therapeutic Revolution Against Aging”. Hosted by John Lewis of Oisin.

This was an excellent panel! Topics included Yamanaka factors, epigenetic rollback, partial reprogramming and many more. Judy disagreed with Aubrey on the nature of aging, Nir brought up a great point about the secret to rejuvenation lying in uncovering just how a 50-year old egg cell becomes a new rejuvenated baby, and even a paper on Jeanne Calment was mentioned!

Михаил Батин, I even filmed the audience several times — just for you! 😁.

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