Jan 10, 2019

Here’s how to change the world

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This is the most practical advice we’ve heard for changing the world.

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  1. flashgordon says:

    this world is lost

  2. flashgordon says:

    I never understood why David Lee Roth Van Halen was so popular … till I heard KISS; now, I see how Van Halen was like something so much better than anything many people had ever heard at the time.

    See, people often say KISS, or Motley Crue(who actually have a really good guitarist) “rules”. They’ll see the Ramones “rule.”

    As Edward Van Halen complained, “you got inspired because you heard KISS?”

    This is the same thing with those who believe in Religions; they’ve never heard anything better; they sit there and say “everything is in the Bible” of whatever religion they are part of. They’ve never heard real intellectual spirit.

    Same thing with these military folk; they go in because they never accomplished a damn thing. They never ran even sub five minute mile, much less got under 4:30. They never read anything worth a damn(see above). They’ve never heard John Mayall with Eric Clapton, much less anything as good. They’ve never learned to play guitar really well.

    So, they go in the military, work hard by someone beating their asses, and then they sit there and cry, “make your bed perfectly to change the world.”

    I remember going in the miltiary; i was outrunning those guys … out of shape! They didn’t like me taking time out to read other stuff instead of drinking beer with them. And then, when they found out I didn’t believe in their god, they contrived to get me killed! They left the lock open on the panels that would cover up the wheels when the airplane is in the air and the wheels are tucked away. I ended up working at the pop pool while they went on cruises and workups on an aircraft carrier. I did no watches.