Feb 10, 2019

Lyn Slater is Making the World She Wants – GoDaddy Commercial

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GoDaddy is trending longevity.✌️😊.

See how Lyn Slater, the Accidental Icon, challenges the modeling status quo, offering an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic to women. And, she puts it all out there on a GoDaddy website. Make The World You Want: http://x.co/6ney6

Some people say “dress your age.”
That’s ridiculous.
I dress how I feel.
Yesterday I felt bold with boundless energy.
This morning I woke up calm and unbreakable.
Tomorrow? Who knows.
Age is just an illusion. How you show up for the world, that’s what’s real.

What’s your idea?
I put it out there with a GoDaddy website.
Make the world you want.

As the company empowering everyday entrepreneurs around the world, GoDaddy gives you all the help and tools you need to grow online.

Homepage: http://x.co/6nfWM
Domain: http://x.co/6nfWx
Email: http://x.co/6nfWy
Hosting: http://x.co/6nfX1

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