Mar 12, 2019

Aging Analytics Agency Photo

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Press Release for Aging Analytics Agency and Vetek Association’s new 500+ page open-access report on the Longevity Industry in Israel, featuring quotes from Nir Barzilai MD, the founding director of the Institute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, Rafi Eitan, former chairman of the Israel Pensioners’ Party “GIL”, founding minister of the Israel Ministry for Senior Citizens, and the current chairman of Vetek Association, Ilia Stambler, the Chief Science Officer of Vetek Association and Eric Kihlstrom, Director of Aging Analytics Agency and former Interim Director of the £98-million Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

Link to the Press Release: http://analytics.dkv.global/data/pdf/Longevity-in-Israel/Lon…elease.pdf

Link to the Report: https://www.aginganalytics.com/longevity-in-israel

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