Mar 17, 2019

Cryopreservation of Valia Zeldin

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Text by Anton Zeldin, source: https://varlamov.ru/3352253.htmlTranslated by Alexey Turchin with the help of Google translate.

I started to date Valya in 2011 after the championship in “crocodile” — a game in which you need to portray words with the help of pantomime and guess them. For several years we communicated in very different ways, either parting or renewing relations, and only in 2016 we finally engaged. I realized that everything that I like to do in life, with this person I like even more. On both sides there was a confidence that no matter how we quarrel, nothing will change. We felt that a large concrete slab was laid at the base of our relationship.

In May 2017, we got married and started thinking about moving to Moscow. We worked together a lot — we made a discussion club and a telegram training game. It seemed to us that for the development of the latter it was important to be in the capital. We moved in mid-October, and lived in Moscow for almost a year. September 2, 2018 Valya shot down.

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