Mar 15, 2019

Harvard Scientists Have Discovered The DNA Switch That Controls Whole-Body Regeneration

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Humans have long envied animals that are able to regenerate parts of their bodies. Arms, legs, tails, even whole chunks of the organism. Yet despite all the technology and best efforts, humans don’t have this ability. However, this could all change. Harvard University uncovered the DNA switch that controls genes for whole body regeneration. This means that one day, humans may be able to grow back lost limbs!

Many people know that certain animals are able to achieve extraordinary feats of repair, such as salamanders which grow back legs, or geckos which can shed their tails to escape predators and then form new ones in just two months. It doesn’t stop there either. Planarian worms, jellyfish, and sea anemones take this regeneration to a whole new level and can actually regenerate their entire bodies after being cut in half.

Wild Axolotl Salamander

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  1. Larry Bender says:

    I have been told down through the years that I have no soul. I begged to differ at the time, but really I had no rythum or beat. But now I’m very complished with percussion and know over 60 beats.
    Now I would like to know, can I grow my own organs for future transplantation, which would be started out connected to my body, then transferred in the place of the replacement organ location? I would love to participate in such a venture, because I have extensive health care experience as a nurse and as a hospital administrator.

  2. Biff Howard Tannen says:

    Larry Bender: you crazy, man? Ba-da-bish. :D