Mar 2, 2019

We are happy to announce Dr. Nikolay Zak as a speaker for the 2019 Undoing Aging Conference

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“As I know well from my experience with the Methuselah Mouse Prizes a decade or more ago, the public’s fascination with world records is a valuable tool in the essential task of raising general interest in an otherwise seemingly dry scientific field. This is particularly exemplified by the fame of Jeanne Calment, who has been authoritatively validated to have died in 1997 at an age three years older than any other validated case. However, Zak’s just-published investigations have cast considerable doubt on Calment’s actual age at death, and lend credibility to the possibility of an identity switch with her daughter. He will provide the latest updates on this rapidly-evolving and immensely controversial research.”, says Aubrey de Grey.


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