May 26, 2019

Still Images Come to Life Thanks to Samsung’s Deepfake AI

Posted by in categories: augmented reality, economics, robotics/AI

Imagine the possibility of integrating mixed reality (XR) tech with that of this AImagine having a long, open conversation about philosophy with either Immanuel Kant or David Hume. Imagine being given a private lesson in economics by either Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, or Karl Marx. The possibilities are seemingly abundant. But then so are the risks.

A lot of coverage has been done on the emergence of what are known as “deepfakes” here on Serious Wonder the last few years. They’ve captivated us at times and then frightened us. The implications of this growing technology are practically limitless, especially as our ability to tell the difference between what is real and what is fake diminishes even further.

And just when you thought you could take a breather, Samsung decided to develop a new artificial intelligence system that makes generating deepfakes that much easier. Using nothing more than a single image, the AI system, known as “few-shot adversarial learning,” is able to create a fake clip that seemingly allows that image to burst to life.

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