Jun 10, 2019

Making a Real Lightsaber Using Rydberg Atoms and Photonic Molecules

Posted by in categories: particle physics, quantum physics, weapons

In this video I show you an awesome laser lightsaber and then I talk about lightsabers and the possibility of using photonic molecules to build a real lightsaber. This thing is awesome! If the force is with us (and some quantum mechanics) we will some day have a true lightsaber…These are very dangerous lasers. NOT A TOY. Will cause instant blindness:

Blue Laser Pointer Lightsaber kit: https://goo.gl/9JUWdp

Lasers: https://goo.gl/adjvAi

Banggood: https://goo.gl/NyT1iK

Flash Deals: https://goo.gl/un1Ccr

App Downloads: https://goo.gl/4MPzAeWARNING:

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