Jul 21, 2019

The Futurist New Deal For America

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An introduction to by Johannon Ben Zion candidate for President of the US Transhumanist Party.

US Transhumanist Party candidate for President, Johannon Ben Zion has a futurist new deal for America. This concept stoked my interest when I was listening to the debate between all of the US Transhumanist Party candidates. I wanted more information on this concept and Johannon Ben Zion was kind enough to forward this information to me.

What I am going to do is quote some content from his plan below. It will be short and condensed, to read more into the exact details of the plan you can download the PDF file at the end of the article. I am also going to list an interview that was done between Johannon Ben Zion and Debt Nation and the US Transhumanist Party Presidential Debate.

The primary Futurist New Deal mandate for blockchain technology is evoting. By casting votes as transactions, we can create a blockchain which keeps track of the tally of the votes. This way, everyone can agree on the final count because they can count the votes themselves, and because of the blockchain audit trail, they can verify that no votes were changed or removed, and no illegitimate votes were added.

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