Jul 27, 2019

The Philippines as seen from space

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Have you ever wondered why Sulu is as bright as Metro Manila? Is there a mega city brightly lit at night in Sulu? None. Then are these alien space crafts?

Or could they be a thousand purse seiners operating in Sulu waters just near the poorest province called Sulu yet grossing at least 10 billion worth of sardines a month with not a single centavo of tax to Sulu nor ARMM since they all are operating in Zamboanga City. Note purse seiners are fishing boats with lights that can light up a stadium per boat to attract fish. A single set of purseiner can catch a million worth of fish a day. Multiply by hundreds and at least 3 to 5 billion a month will be easy. The lights shows at least several hundred to five hundred boats to light up the size if Manila and even bigger than well lighted Zamboanga City streets thats 50kms.

The major lights in the map symbolizes power, wealth and influence as you can see in metro manila, cebu and davao. However, pls do not be misled by this satellite image showing sulu as if glowing in the dark. Its the sardines industry capital of the Philippines operation.

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