Aug 8, 2019

Bill Faloon: A Life Long Quest To Reverse Human Aging!

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Ira Pastor, ideaXme longevity and aging Ambassador and Founder of Bioquark interviews Bill Faloon, Director and Co-Founder, Life Extension Foundation and Founder of The Church Of Perpetual Life.

Ira Pastor Comments:

On the last several shows we have spent time on different hierarchical levels the biologic-architecture of the life, disease and aging process. We’ve spent some time talking about the genome, the microbiome, tissue engineering, systems biology, and dabbled a bit in the areas of quantum biology, organism hydro-dynamics, and even chronobiology.
As exciting and promising as all these research paths are, at the end of the day, in order for them to yield what many people are looking for, that is radically extended healthspans and lifespans, there needs to be an organized system of human translation build around them, integrating these various products, services and technologies, from supplements, to biologics, to functional foods, to cosmeceuticals, to various physio-therapeutic interventions, and so forth, as well as all the related supporting advocacy and education, as biologic aging is truly a multi-factorial, combinatorial process that is never going to be amenable to big pharma’s traditional “single magic bullet” philosophy that it promoted throughout the last century.

For today’s guest, I could think of no one better to talk with us about this topic and take us into the future on this front, than Bill Faloon, Director and Co-Founder, Life Extension Foundation (LEF), a consumer advocacy organization with over 100,000 members that funds research (investing million per year in researchers around the globe) and disseminates information to consumers about optimal health, and more recently in the area of actionable clinical interventions regarding human biologic age reversal, through a fascinating new project called the Age Reversal Network, defined as an open-source communications channel to exchange scientific information, foster strategic alliances, and support biomedical endeavors aimed at reversing degenerative aging.

Bill is also the Founder of The Church Of Perpetual Life, a nonprofit transhumanist organization aiming to combine discussion integrating spirituality, community, and aging scientific research in a single unified forum.

He’s a board member of the Coalition For Radical Life Extension, which is the organizer of annual RAADfest conference (Revolution Against Aging and Death) which is the world’s largest gathering of radical life extension enthusiasts.

Over the decade, Bill has been a major advocate within the areas of cryonics and cryo-preservation technology development, through involvement with organizations 21st Century Medicine, a for-profit company that specializes in living systems preservation technology, and The Stasis Foundation.

He is the author of “Pharmocracy” and “Pharmocracy II: How Corrupt Deals and Misguided Medical Regulations Are Bankrupting America — and What to do About It”, as well as the “chief compiler” of the Life Extension Foundation’s 1,500 page medical reference book “Disease Prevention and Treatments.”

On this show we will hear from Bill:

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