Sep 30, 2019

An Interview with Dr. Michael West

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At our 2019 Ending Age-related Diseases conference in New York City, we had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Michael West, the CEO of AgeX Therapeutics.

Dr. West can rightfully be called a pioneer in his field with a substantial background in biomedical and biotechnology corporations. After completing his PhD at Baylor College of Medicine, he founded Geron Corporation in 1990, where he launched and directed programs in telomere biology as it relates to cancer, aging, and human embryonic stem cell technology. He subsequently established the research group that went on to isolate human embryonic stem cells for the first time.

After his time at Geron, Dr. West was chairman and CEO of Advanced Cell Technology, which was acquired by the Japanese company Astellas Pharma in 2016 for $379 Million. Following his success with Advanced Cell Technology and Geron, Dr. West served as the CEO/co-CEO of BioTime Inc. for ten years.

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