Sep 20, 2019

Richard Dawkins’ New Book, “Outgrowing God,” Brings Atheism to Younger Readers

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Just to put this out there: There’s no shortage of Christian apologists who have written books tailored to a younger audience, and the Bible itself has all kinds of children’s editions. But when Dawkins’ book comes out, you can expect Christian writers to accuse Dawkins of trying to indoctrinate children into godlessness. Even though he’s doing exactly what they do, except from a different perspective. The difference is he actually has evidence on his side.

The book will be released this October.


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  1. flashgordon says:

    tell this to Eric Drexler, Bill Joy, Christine Peterson, and the like.

  2. Richard is very good at human reasoning,but except a man is born again,he cannot see the kingdom of heaven. Jesus is God manifest in flesh.